Flip the Script: Wole Soyinka, A Dance of the Forests

Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Today was one of those rare days where I actually had nothing to do; no commitments, no pressing deadlines (at least not until Wednesday/Thursday of next week) so I spent most of the day in bed and on the computer, and then decided I needed some fresh air so I headed out to Memorial Union Terrace for some fresh air and about 200 pages of reading. FOR PLEASURE. Clearly, my soul has not yet died.

The other day I passed the 400 follower mark, (I would love more; bring your friends, I’ll follow back!) and I realized I don’t read others’ blogs as often as I should. What usually ends up happening is that I have a few bloggers’ tabs open, meaning to read them, and then either my browser will crash or my computer will need restarting and I’ll have forgotten where I was in reading them. So today, I’m going to go to two of those tabs that are perpetually open.

First up, Antigua A La CarteI think actually it was she who found me, but either way, it’s a blog about life and random stuff. Her name is Nadine and she comes from St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. It’s kind of like mine, only with a Caribbean focus, and who couldn’t use a vacation from their real life by joining this blogger on her island? She writes really well and though I don’t know if there are many other bloggers from her country, I can safely say that in my opinion she is the best one. She also has another blog with non-Caribbean-based thoughts and ideas, so there’s two for the price of one. Oh, and coincidentally, we wrote about the same topic on the same day once, which reminds me, I should probably go edit that entry.

Here’s a recent find, Jane Thorne. I stumbled upon her blog last week. She is called Jane (obviously) and she writes photo essays about her life, including her travel adventures around fair Britannia. She has left me some nice comments, so Jane, this one’s for you.

Thank you to all of my followers for following me, with a special shout-out to those who leave nice comments/feedback.

Masterpiece YouTube: Donald O’Connor, Applied Mathematics

That’s So Jacob Presents:

Masterpiece YouTube

Episode Whatever: Donald O’Connor, Applied Mathematics, Are You With It? (1948)

More to come when I’m feeling less tired. But for now, enjoy.

Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

So, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning and came across a link to this story about Zilla van den Born, a 25-year-old from the Netherlands, and her fantastic five-week adventure through Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.

Except…she didn’t actually leave her apartment.

Well, a few times for photo opportunities, but in essence, she took a five-week staycation in her Amsterdam apartment, using the magic of Photoshop to tell her family, friends, and Facebook about her life-changing adventures in southeast Asia, with only her boyfriend in on it. Two days ago, she revealed that she’d been in town the whole time, and had used this as a sort of reverse-undercover mixed media project/social experiment to prove how social media impacts our lives, or in van den Born’s words, “…to show people that we filter and manipulate what we show on social media – we create an ideal world online which reality can no longer meet (Victor).”

More commentary on this subject after I finish my schoolwork.


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Throwback Tuesday: What Not to Wear, Retail Edition

I’ve been seriously lacking in inspiration for posts lately, and with the realization that I have many posts only partially finished, I’m going to be fixing up some prior posts one days like this.

I also wore my red polo today, and wisely avoided Target.

So tune in to this post from last June to find out what not to wear when shopping.

Also, I had visitors yesterday from the USA, Canada, Colombia, UK, Ireland, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, India, South Africa and Guam, making it officially a six-continent day! Woohoo!

How Sorry Are You Really, Automated Customer Service Representative?

I ranted last week about actual customer service representatives, but dealing with them is like picking flowers after dealing with the hell that is the automated customer service representative.

Some Thoughts on a Sunday

The busyness of school is on in full force. Despite only having four days of class this past week, I’ve already got readings to do and assignments to think about. The weekend went by in a blur as well; I can’t believe it’s already Sunday night and I have to be awake in eight hours to start my week.

Nothing very interesting happened to me this weekend; I found some geocaches, saw a few friends, went to a pre-semester APO meeting, and got all my reading done up to Tuesday.

So far, being back in Madison has felt strange. I haven’t quite yet developed a routine, and I feel a bit lonely at times; it seems like I’m surrounded by undergrads that are perpetually hanging out, yet I can’t find anyone to hang out with. I am focusing on building better relationships and friendships with people I already know, with hopes that this year will be different than last year, at least on a social level.

Of course, when I do get this time alone, I usually do one of a few things: look up stuff on the internet, play games on my phone/iPad, and think. I could probably benefit from some more focused thoughts, but today I thought a lot about freedom.

Hokey as it may sound, I don’t think that we, as human beings, embrace and appreciate our freedom enough in our daily lives. If you are reading this, you are alive and free, which are two pretty incredible things if you think about them. I can stay in my apartment or I can go outside. I can eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want. I can go out and get a big fancy meal or make something in my kitchen. I can walk around my apartment in my underwear. Which is not an uncommon occurrence when I am alone. I spent some time today meditating on recent and not-so-recent events in the news: Boko Haram, ISIS, and the like. There are people out there who don’t have the freedom they deserve, so we, as free human beings, should live with twice the vitality that we normally do, because we are free and we are alive. Go ahead, have that extra slice of pie, introduce yourself to a neighbor, smile at a stranger, sing on your way to school or work, or just wiggle your toes.

Soak up all the freedom that you can absorb.

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