My Life at this Moment (Unfiltered)

11:41 PM. Room 732. Doubletree Hotel and Suites. Madison, Wisconsin.

Exhausting but fun week of hanging out with Dan in Houston came to an end. Today, we went to El Bolillo (aka the absolute most perfect best place in Houston, made of rainbows and magic). I will miss this place so much when I leave. Going towards the airport, we stopped for some geocaching and found 10 in a loop trail. Arrived at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) at approximately 3:30 PM. Parked at Parking Spot in BF 292. My flight had a major delay so I got switched and put on another flight that left on time. That was cool of them. We said goodbye in the Einstein Bros. Bagels in the C terminal. Dan can be annoying sometimes but overall he is one of my best friends, and he gave me a very warm hug and some nice platitudes among leaving (his flight to Boston was in E terminal).

On the plane, I sat next to a nice older lady with Crohn’s disease. Her name was Sharon and she came from Alamogordo, New Mexico. She was on her way to her granddaughter’s high school graduation in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She also hadn’t flown in several years so she was slightly clueless. Looking back, she was probably completely clueless. It actually made the flight very nice and fun, and we shared Bolillo goodies.

Arrived in O’Hare with not much time to spare. Hightailed it over to E Terminal only to discover that the flight before mine, to Ottawa, was just boarding, so I bought myself a little time. Marveled at the tiny finger sandwiches being sold for $6.95 each. Boarded late, last seat on the flight, circled around Madison in the rain before making a landing at almost 11 PM.

Dad picked me up at the airport and drove me to the hotel where I am now. I gave him a Father’s Day card and he enjoyed it. Now he is bundling up for bed like he always does. I don’t understand how he doesn’t suffocate under all those layers. They have the MLB Network here so I know what he’ll be doing most of the weekend.

Now it’s 11:52 PM. Pretty exhausted, but in that way where the words just flow out smooth like butter. Flamingo. Flamenco. 

Moral of the story: I love traveling. Even when I hate it and it sucks, I love traveling. More on this topic soon.


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