What to post?

Yesterday, I had a pretty good day. Despite not sleeping, I managed to run 4 miles in the morning, eat (relatively) healthy, go to the gym, do some writing, do all the laundry and clean up a little bit.

Today? Not so much.

Even after all my activity last night, I got to bed a little before 2, sans-meds. Tried sleeping for awhile, succeeded, felt fresh…only to look over at the clock and see 3:51 AM. Damnit.

So, I took the medication, and slept until around 10:30-10:45. Was going to get up and run some, but then Facebook and Buzzfeed attacked, even though I PROMISED myself not to do so – and of course only a minute and then bam, it’s the afternoon and I’ve got nothing done except for eaten a banana and some lemonade,  taken morning meds, mull over this post, and that’s about it. Now I don’t even want to run anymore because I am a little down on myself. Plus, my counters and coffee tables are still FULL OF STUFF that apparently goes nowhere.

Maybe one day off from exercise will be nice and I’ll pick it up tomorrow. I am excellent at beating myself up and it’s only 1:10 PM and I feel like a piece of pulp.

Things I must do today:

1) Call the psychiatrist and schedule an appointment.

2) Read through FOTR script and identify trouble spots.

3) Finish reading Performance Theory and return it to the library before they behead me.

4) Start on FOTR packet, so help me God. I am a horrible self-starter, even on something that I love to do and want to spend the rest of my life doing.

5) Do some geocaching in this absolutely gorgeous weather.

6) Eat at least three healthy meals, starting with one I will commence making immediately after posting this.

7) Write a real post.

8) Get all (or at least some) of ONE of my dining/living surfaces cleaned off. And try to make it stay that way at least for a few days.

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