Happy Canada Day!

Long day, so I just wanted to have a few minutes to sneak in a post about Canada.

I have been there three times.

1) Montreal – I only saw the inside of the airport, as we connected there on our family trip to Israel. Same on the way back.

2) Niagara Falls/Toronto – A disastrous family road trip that we took as a family pre-father/son road trips. I don’t remember it being so awful, because we did a lot of fun things and went to cool museums. Apparently, my sister and I drove our parents crazy most of the time by fighting. The ride back home (which we stupidly did in one day) was especially rough on the two of us, and I believe we had to be separated. That was pretty much the last big family vacation until my sister and I were both in our 20s.

2.5) Alaska/British Columbia border (spitting distance to Yukon Territory) – We took the scenic White Pass and Yukon route trains once we got to Skagway, AK on our 2004 summer cruise (me, sister, dad, aunt). The train briefly crossed the border and then made its way back. It was riveting.

3) Victoria – On the cruise back from Alaska, we stopped in Victoria, BC on the way back. My sister wanted to stay on the boat for some Internet chat thing and my dad stayed with her while my aunt and I explored the town on foot. I have more memories of Victoria than of Toronto, and Victoria is a very charming place.

Happy birthday, Canada.

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