Things I Like About America

Happy Independence Day, Internet. It’s the 4th of July, so I thought I’d do something (whoops, almost typed someone) that I haven’t done in awhile: Things I Like. Today’s topic is: America.

Things I Like About America

I like being from the Land of the Free. I like our colorful license plates. I like our flag, the national anthem, and the bald eagle. I like Starbucks. I like so many musicians from America that I can’t count them all. I like American theatre. I like American films. I like living in a society where I am not oppressed. I like the diversity of our country and our cultures – we are a true melting pot. I like having an American passport and being able to travel almost anywhere. I like diners. I like living in a country where it’s large enough to have space away from your parents, but still catch a ride home on Southwest Airlines at a moment’s notice.

Things I Don’t Like About America

I don’t like American materialism. I don’t like the image of Americans overseas. I don’t like American cheese. I don’t like the fact that health care is such a huge concern, so much so that it’s crippling our nation. I don’t like the over-saturation of American chains both here and overseas. I don’t like it when people don’t like Americans, especially when said people are American. I don’t like the overwhelmingly Christian nature of American society. I don’t like the American mentality of “we’re better than everyone else.” I don’t like the fact that most Americans can’t speak anything but English and don’t even do that very well. I don’t like our tendencies to meddle in politics everywhere else.

This “Things I Like” post was brought to you by Kellogg’s and a bunch of dead men with white wigs.

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