1300 Geocaches Later…

I am getting awfully good at this whole “sneaking-in-posts-before-midnight thing.”

Today was pretty unexceptional, up until the 11th geocache I found today, I’d rather do the Texas Alphabet Chili Challenge. It was in a small suburb of The Woodlands, itself a suburb of Houston, called Shenandoah. I know there are hundreds or thousands of caches closer to me, but I picked this one because it was a challenge cache that I’ve actually completed the requirements for: find 1 Texas geocache for each letter of the alphabet. Given that my last 600 or so finds have been in Texas, I was pretty confident I fulfilled these parameters and sure enough, I showed that I did. On the way to the cache, I saw a rather large turtle from the car. I’m not too keen on wild animals, alive or dead, but this very-much-alive turtle was just hangin’ out in the road, doin’ it’s turtle thing, so I watched it for a few seconds then moved on, parked, and found the geocache, which was a big pot with some water in it just lying 100 feet from the road. The log was soaking wet, so I found an old Kroger receipt from my wallet, wrote my name and the landmark event on it, and left it in the cache. By the time I had walked back to my car, the turtle had sped away somewhere, so I never got to take a picture of it.

Geocaching is one of my favorite hobbies. It started for me when a family friend from synagogue, a prolific geocacher himself, encouraged me to join him for a day of geocaching in Baltimore. This was in 2002 – specifically, April 13. My 14-year-old mind was blown, and I got my dad into it, leading us to meet many more people and have many crazy adventures, the stories of which are endless, from climbing a nearly vertical hill in Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland with about twenty other people, including a woman with a metal knee and a girl with a sleeping baby strapped to her chest, to crawling for almost a half-mile through thorn bushes on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, to poking around Disney World exhibits in Florida, to standing on a tiny strip of sidewalk in Nassau, Bahamas with my mother in front of the Governor’s Mansion while cars whizzed by us in either direction.

I stopped for a while due to college/Israel/life with about 500 caches under my belt, and picked it up again in the dog days of summer during my first year in Houston, and in two years have managed to more than double that, for a grand total of 1300.

So in the coming posts (intermingled with introspective posts, things I like, random memories, book reviews, etc.) I will tell you about some of the more interesting adventures I’d had in this weird world called geocaching.

I’ll leave you tonight with the story of my very first geocache:

Stump Cache (Baltimore, Maryland)

I had no clue what to look for, and it was literally an ammo box inside an old stump near the Kenilworth Mall in Towson. I exchanged some toys because I was 14 years old.

Ok, so that wasn’t an interesting one, but I’ll think of some more interesting stories and share them when I recall them.

Now that I’m on that subject, I’m off to read my old logs and find said stories. DISTRACTIONS.


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