Things I’d Like to Acquire Shortly Before or After My Move to Wisconsin

Ha…thought you’d think I’d write a things I like post, but guess again, my friends. This is a to-do list post, before I forget. I have many post ideas each day but forget them, so while lunch is in the oven, I’d figured I’d start a list.

Things I’d Like to Acquire Shortly Before or After My Move to Wisconsin

  • More long-sleeved shirts. I actually got the idea for this post while folding laundry earlier, and realized that I have only 3 quality long-sleeve shirts and 0 long-sleeve polos. Wisconsin will be cold, and layering is fun, so I will need them. Ideally, I’d like to get them in white or black, but any solid color will do (I currently have white, blue, and green).
  • A new chair. Since my “friend” broke my chair at the 4th of July party.
  • A premium membership. I know, it’s only $30 a year or something, and if I got it now I could do a zillion more caches in the area but I don’t need any more ammo. In Wisconsin, however, I will be there for a longer period of time, might have more time, and there are only about 3500 caches within 50 miles of Madison (unlike the 10000 within 50 miles of Houston…and most are inside Houston, because Houston is ginormous).
  • A pet. I think my building allows cats. I don’t know if I’m ready for one yet, but maybe when I get settled in.
  • New dishes. My current dishes are hand-me-downs from my sister. They are blue and red plastic dishes. They’re getting more dirty and grungy, are probably not kosher anymore, and are ugly. They would make very nice frisbees, though.
  • More sweaters/sweatshirts/hoodies, including a University of Wisconsin one. See above. I already have 4 hoodies (2 APO, 1 UMass, and a plain black one), but I think only 3 or 4 decent sweaters, two of which are the exact same shade of red. Also, zip-up jackets are nice, and both of the ones I have are blue.
  • New laundry hamperMine’s full of holes, plus, having to go to another floor to do laundry, I can’t just throw the dirty stuff on the bathroom floor, or throw the clean laundry on the living room floor, like I did a few days ago, which I just folded today.
  • Real wall art. I love my posters, but they’ve been on so many walls that they’re just not as pretty as they used to be, and some have water stains on them.
  • More real-person clothes. Including: more belts (I currently have 3), more ties, loafers, nice pants, more adult-looking shirts.
  • CookbooksOr maybe just some websites where I can print out good recipes.
  • More scarves. I have my awesome, amazing, all-purpose red/orange scarf and a special, super-soft blue plaid scarf. Still mourning the loss of my maroon chenille scarf that I got in Amherst that kept me warm and stylish in Israel, that I lost somewhere in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Better snowboots.

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