Things I Like About Houston

I know this is another extremely late night post, so let’s see how much I can get done in 10 minutes:

5 Things I Like About Houston

  • The weather. I like how we have summery autumns, somewhat-summer-like winters, and summery springs. That last one sounds like a place where English teachers go to retire – Summery Springs. Heh. I like bragging to my parents during the winter months. I like being able to go out and walk and enjoy the sunshine and do the geocaching every day of the year, if I want.
  • 24/7 everything. I like how this city is alive 24/7. I like knowing that I can get Starbucks at 3 AM and I like that I know exactly where to get it. I like how if I need paper clips or envelopes or licorice, I can go to any CVS, except the one on Westheimer that closes at 10 for some reason.
  • Wide open spaces. I like the varying terrain types – big city to trendy hot spot to suburb to small town to open highway stretching as far as the eye can see.
  • The people. I like how most people here will take the time to stop and help you.
  • The pride. I like how I can call it “Planet Houston” and not offend any locals, because it’s true.

5 Things I Don’t Like About Houston

  • The weatherI don’t like the brutal summers. I don’t like the humidity. I don’t like the gasping-for-air feeling after walking for 10 minutes outside.
  • The bugs. I don’t like the roaches, the mosquitoes, or the ubiquitous gnats.
  • Wide open spaces. I don’t like how it takes FOREVER to get anywhere. I don’t like that everyone lives far away and in a different direction.
  • There is nothing to do here. I don’t like how when people come to visit me, they are disappointed because there are few good museums and nothing really historic. I don’t like how ashamed I felt after I showed Kate the Menil Collection, or how I couldn’t think of that many decent bars to take Dan to.
  • 610. I don’t like 610 (The Loop). I can do 10, 45, 59, 90, 290…but 610 is bad news, all day every day. You can stay here when I leave.

3 thoughts on “Things I Like About Houston

  1. I was speaking with someone just today about how much of a shame it is that Houston has no real respect for its history. If the Alamo were in Houston it would be a parking lot for a Taco Cabana.

  2. What I loved most about Houston was the food. Lived there for 9 months and ate WONDERFULLY. Somewhat related, I liked the multi-ethnic nature of the city, …not the least of reasons being that they all brought different kinds of food….What I didn’t like was the absence of Texas flavor. Any give street corner in Houston seemed like it could have been any given street corner anywhere else.

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