That’s So Random: WordPress Asks, Jacob Answers

I haven’t had much inspiration to write lately…things have been going at a crazy fast speed, but a professor of mine told me to keep writing, every day, and though I’ll try, today I decided to spin the wheel and see what WordPress threw at me. Here goes nothing.

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Hmmm…that’s a really, really broad question. My life has taken a lot of different directions, some good, some bad. People say that you have to embrace the bad and learn from it, even though it sucks while you’re in the moment. But it’s true, some of my best moments have immediately come after times when I was at my worst. So I have several of these moments, but I’ve got three that just popped into my mind that I’m willing to share, so I’ll be brief.

  1. My car fire. The only thing other than a book I was reading that I lost was my IPod. Instead of replacing it, I replaced my walks to class with the sounds of the birds, the traffic, and other people’s conversations going by. I felt sharper, and more in tune with the world around me. This kind of led to #2, which was…
  2. Having a really bad night and randomly going to a party. This changed everything. It was that year’s Variations Gathering, which occurred downtown at Theatre Project. It was there that I was inspired to write a play that eventually won a spot in the competition, which led to me focusing more on playwriting, and the award from the Citypaper, and other dominos that kept me afloat for awhile.
  3. Getting involved in a project that I actually wanted to take part in and wanted me to, rather than do what I was supposed to and stay with a project where not only did I not want to do, but was not wanted for. This, of course, was 13, which led to me getting a spot on the ATHE panel in Los Angeles, which led to the video, which led to grad school in Houston, which led to grad school here in Madison. I used my own judgment to abandon a ship that was sinking fast, and climbed aboard a new ship, which resulted in a lifelong friendship.

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