Last Week of Classes, Semester One

So I feel really compelled to write something here, but today was just such a lazy day that I feel like I really don’t have anything that constructive to write about.

It’s the last week of classes, starting with kabuki tomorrow. Since one of my professors is out of the country, all I have left to do for the two classes I take from him is one paper, I think, and then for my other two classes, 1 second draft of a paper and 1 final exam, on several plays, some of which I have yet to read but have gone into depth in discussing in class. At the end of the week are the last few performances of Lights Out, and roughly two weeks from today I’ll be on the road back to Baltimore for winter break.

Ah, graduate school.

The weirdest thing of this past week was filling out all the course evaluation forms. That’s always odd for me. I usually want to be really honest, and most years I either leave the comments section blank or write something insignificant, but this year I actually genuinely felt like writing down how I felt about the courses. Even though they’re all in my field, I’m glad that I’m just about done with them. Also, that whole “what grade are you expecting” thing? I do not get that at all. That must be some supreme test of confidence or something.

This has been a long semester.

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