Kiss Today Goodbye…?

The other day, I got this new iPhone 5 and there’s this voice-to-blog feature on WordPress, so let’s see if this works.

I’m just feeling these days like I’m kind of just wasting the day. Not really, but I wake up and it’s already lunchtime so I feel like I haven’t gotten really started with my day, and things being the way they are, with the time of year it’s weird because the sun sets early and it feels like it’s already night and just feel like it’s a constant game of catch-up. It’s like, check my email and then all the BuzzFeed’s and everything and then all of a sudden it’s time for dinner and, oh, by the way haven’t been out of the house or anything like that, so then I have to have dinner and watch Jeopardy! and then it’s already nighttime, my parents are getting ready to go to bed and I’m struggling with writing a blog post and picking a topic.

So that’s what things are like for me right now but from now on, I’m going to at least start and try to finish a post or two a day, with the first one in the morning, and not like I’ve been doing, finishing at like 11:59 PM.

This thing is really weird.

Anyway, I feel like by the time I’ve blogged and caught up on things and watched some TV, it’s already 2 o’clock in the morning and I want to read. I brought home about 30 books and I have only finished one so maybe tonight I should call it in early and then post something in the morning. So that’s a good idea. Practical? Maybe. Who knows.

This blog post was done by phone with only some minor revisions on the computer. TECHNOLOGY.

Oh, what I’ll do for love.

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