This morning’s grocery shopping trip was for fresh food: eggs, vegetables, fruit, et cetera. All told, I got $40 worth of delicious healthy eats. I get in my car at about noon, hit up a few more stores, get home in time to grab coffee with Vincent, head over to the department to do some stuff, stop at the post office, and then head back home to take the groceries out of the car. It’s about 4 PM – a fact I remember since my building manager was just leaving for the day and I said hey to her as we crossed paths and I pick up my mail. Ooh, yay, a book.

I get upstairs, and unload my groceries. The eggs survived the trip. The spices smell great. The strawberries look so good that I wash one and eat it immediately, reveling in the goodness. The last thing out of the bag are one of the best sources of fuel and potassium, and…

All. Brown.

They were NOT like that when I bought them. If there was ever a food-related conspiracy, it would be bananas. I just paid for them and they couldn’t even make it home before turning on me. What gives? I thought we had a deal, ‘nan? So there’s money thrown away.

Just for fun though, I open the brownest one…and it’s not even ripe inside. NOT. EVEN. RIPE.

I can’t even.

So now I have a bunch of sad, brown bananas that need to ripen.

Yellow Fruit: 6, Me: 0.

There are some battles in life that you just can’t win.


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