Things I Don’t Like About Returning Home from a Trip

Today, I flew back to Madison via Tampa after four days of fun with the family that included a little relaxing, watching baseball, enjoying the beach, and the first geocaching I’ve done in months. I really enjoyed that, but part of me just wanted to be back home, in my normal routine, sleeping in my own bed, and having some privacy.

But then, the time comes to actually go home.

First thoughts: Yay! I get to fly! No more crappy hotel bed!

And then reality sets in, and I realize the things I don’t like about returning home from a trip.

  1. Goodbyes. I honestly don’t know when I will be seeing my family again. They get on my nerves sometimes, but they’re family, and remarkably we all really got along well on this trip. I miss them already.
  2. Realizing that responsibility awaits at the other end of the journey. Nothing but cold, hard responsibility. Isn’t life great?
  3. Waiting and waiting. The flight was on time, but the bus left ten minutes late, and because of several stops and traffic, it took about two hours to get from Milwaukee to Madison, a trip which normally takes a little over an hour. We stopped somewhere in downtown Milwaukee to change drivers. At least I got a lot of reading done.
  4. Unpacking. After the long, uphill, windy trudge home, I was planning on dropping the suitcase and then relaxing for awhile, but then I notice that my apartment is being shown tomorrow morning, so I better unpack now. This sucks. Yet, I still haven’t done that.
  5. No food in the house. Before I left, I either finished or tossed all the perishables, and I didn’t think of buying many groceries because I was going to be gone for five days, and I could just stock up when I got back. Fast forward to me walking in my apartment at 7:30, exhausted and not willing to exert the energy to cook, instead resorting to tortilla chips and salsa for dinner. Seriously, unless I want to defrost something, I’ve got nothing.
  6. Trying to figure out what to do first. Usually, sitting and doing nothing for awhile takes first priority with me, but I think that’s most people…except to a much lesser extent.
  7. Realizing all the things you have to do. So far, I’ve got a paper to revise, some readings due Monday, to take out the trash, and gas up the car.

5 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Like About Returning Home from a Trip

  1. So true! I can’t even choose between these points. Unpacking is my ultimate pet peeve though. I absolutely hate deciding/selecting/packing only to have to unpack soon after. And good to know I’m not the only one who starts missing my routine and bed even if I’m away for a bit. I too have an amazing ability to spend long time periods doing nothing at all 😎

    • One of the reasons I like longer trips is because it makes packing easier, since unlike on a weekend trip where I have the tendency to just stuff the suitcase with extra things like books I won’t have time to read, extra shirts/socks/underwear in case some get torn, lost, or if I just want to have some variety (like, I can’t just pack three shirts that I love that happen to be blue, what if I want to wear black or red?), when I travel for more than a few days (especially overseas), I have to really think about what I’ll be absolutely needing, and when I come home, it’s so easy just to throw all the clothes in the wash and sort the souvenirs. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Haha, I don’t like unpacking either so when I get home, I just remove the separated dirty clothes pack then leave all the clean ones in the bag for future use/trip.
    Btw. Thanks for stopping by my ‘secret’ blog. I followed back! 🙂

    • Jade – Good tip! The only thing is, how do you keep the clothes inside the bag smelling fresh, instead of whatever was inside your bag? Maybe some dryer sheets? Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon and play with me,

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