April 25th

Whoever said that thing about art imitating life was dead right.

As many people know, I do suffer from depression. It gets me down sometimes…well, actually that’s what depression is. I don’t think I need to go much more into detail about what it is. I don’t like to talk, write, or even think about it.

Sometimes I feel sad, sometimes I feel anxious, sometimes I feel heavy feelings, that’s all normal and okay. But every once in a while, I have a day where I feel numbed from the pain in a spooky way, like I’m living in a fugue state. I’m going and going, but my emotions aren’t going in the same direction. I want to smile and laugh and in short bursts I can, and these things sometimes tend to happen when I’m doing something social and normal-person-like, and I’ll want to withdraw into myself, when normally, I’m all about the fun. I fake it until I make it, and most days I even convince myself that everything’s okay, but then there are days like today, not quite lemonade and jelly beans, but more like…April 25th. Not too hot, not too cold. But overall, sluggish in pace. It’s on days like today when I’m the least productive, and where my couch and my bed are the only two places my mind and body want to be, although sleeping, eating and schoolwork are usually not in the plans. It’s watching videos on the Internet, watching TV, playing a game, staring at a book, a wall, or outer space. And by the time I get myself in gear, I’m late, or I forget something, and then I feel it even more.

I wish my apartment with a bathtub.

A hot bubble bath would be nice right now.

Will you massage my scalp?

Oh, and for the record, it was 66 degrees and slightly breezy in Madison today, with plenty of sunshine; a cruel shame that something inside me pulled me inward, keeping me from enjoying it.

But tomorrow is April 26.


9 thoughts on “April 25th

  1. oh my you have mirrored me exactly bestie! had one of those days myself and also i have no bath tub either! showers are okay but my book gets all wet and the candles get knocked over and fizzle out *sigh* well all we can do is adopt our best southern accent and altogether now “tomorrow is another day” there let’s hope it is,
    always here for you bestie i can do good shoulder crying in fact i am way better at having a wet shoulder than i am at being humourous ^_^ only an email away if you feel so inclined
    hugs ya bestie

  2. ps you probably would not thank me for rubbing your scalp it is not one of my talents i have no patience you see; start off great, then get bored, then distracted and oh ermm what was i doing again? plus i would feel the urge to pretend i was a gorilla and start picking at your scalp eating whatever i find there i do a good gorilla impression ^_^ i would show you but i can’t find a bus that will take me all the way to ermm where are you again? you are probably better off getting someone else ^_^

  3. Hahaha! Love that interview portion. 🙂
    Thank you for your visit to my humble blog. I passed by to return the favor. I’ll be coming back.

  4. Only within the last 4 years have the clouds lifted and I’ve come out of my depression. It look a scary bout with prescribed drugs, therapy, and lots of self help reading material. Somehow I think the books helped more than anything else. But it sure feels great, whatever the reason. I might have a day where I feel down or withdrawn but now I know it will pass.

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