Fixer-Upper Day

So, it’s the twenty-eighth of the month, and you know what that means…

Well, nothing, actually.

I’ve been looking back on some posts that made it out of the gate with errors, so I decided that today would be my Fixer-Upper Day; that is, a day when I’m going to go back and see how many posts have mistakes like grammar/punctuation/spelling errors, broken links, missing pictures, or simply got published with information missing.

Watch this space: I will be live-blogging my updates. If I can get through 5 posts (not counting the ones that I read and decided don’t need fixing) I will shut off everything blog-related and do schoolwork for the rest of the night.

First up, the ever-popular Thumb and ThumberFixes: word choice, grammar, realigned front image to the right rather than the left.

Next, Groove is in the CarFixes: word choice, tags.

Third, Pop Culture Showdown: Babs vs. Kelly. Fixed: Added some more gifs and stuff, and announced the winner (which for some reason I forgot to do).

Speaking of nothing, I’ve made absolutely no progress on any of my school projects this weekend; the train is pulling into Procrastination Station, and I’m behind the wheel.


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