It’s Gonna Be…Read Like Crazy Month!

Today is April 30, and you know what that means?

Yes, that, and also, all seven million (read: maybe seventy or so) of my books will be due at the library, with only a few of them renewable.

So…in honor of the mountains of books in every room of my apartment, 1990s boy bands, and tomorrow being the first of May, I am declaring this next month as Read Like Crazy month. Expect book reviews, Flip The Script, and hopefully book-a-licious posts over the next thirty-one days. Also, if you post a particularly book-tastic review on your blog, I will do something I don’t normally do, give your a link/reblog/trackback (if I can figure out how to do those things).

Also, That’s So Jacob gives a warm and sunny bienvenue to its first visitor from French Polynesia, and since I may have overlooked them, also several hits from Zambia, so big welcome to you as well.

3 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be…Read Like Crazy Month!

  1. i always have crazy months it will be fun to prefix it with the words read like ^_^ although today i had my eyebrows done and the beautician wonderful as she is, such a sweet thing but she managed to give me some gangsta stripes in my left eyebrow which is great i am practicing gangsta poses as we speak ^_^ hmm does that make me a gangsta with crutches? a crippled gangsta, a non mobile gangsta, immobile gangsta? a grounded gangsta ^_^ that’s the one for me so here goes “yo man i is da grounded gangsta” ^_^ hope you has a great day bestie dramaturg xx

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