Saluting The Spreadsheet

I’m really stressed these days, with the work and the moving that I have to do, plus being alone all the time. My apartment is a wreck, even more so in the past twenty four hours with all the laundry and packing I’ve done. Moving sucks, and there are few joys in the process.

One of those is the spreadsheet.

I am eternally grateful for Microsoft Excel’s existence. Sure, it’s built for all sorts of math-type things, but it’s perfect for making lists; even better than Microsoft Word in some ways. Thanks to Excel, I have spreadsheets of all my boxes and what’s in them. Especially helpful with my massive collection/accumulation of books. Seven boxes of books made it up to Madison from Houston; I think I probably have about nine now.

In real life, it helps me organize:

  • The books I want to order from catalogs.
  • The book I want to read from the library.
  • My top scoring Words with Friends words.
  • My dictionary-diary of words that I’ve learned since the 10th grade
  • All my gradebooks.

So, thank you, spreadsheet, for existing and making my life easier.


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