Year Two, Week One: Living on the Edge

How have the past few days been for me?


I don’t really know where my time is going, but for some reason I’ve managed to consistently run out of it.

Tuesday, the first day of school, I actually had my act together. I got up 15 minutes before my alarm, made a healthy breakfast, left my apartment for my 1:00 PM class and arrived a half hour early.

Wednesday morning was my first 9:55 of the semester. I managed to beat my alarm clock up, only to blink and realize it was 9:00. So, I bolted out of bed, and something or other distracted me. I intended to take the bus, but by the time I got out the door, it was 9:44, and the Bus app on my phone advised me that the quickest way? Walk. I manage to walk in at precisely 9:56 after a pretty concerted speed-walk/not-quite-run. So at least now I know that should I want to make it to class on time, I need to be out the door no later than 9:43. Probably longer on cold winter days. This is going to be a long semester, isn’t it?

Anyway, I actually got to the gym that day as well, and then to the department’s “welcome back” event, and managed to get a healthy dinner in as well.

Today was my 1:00 day once more, so I proceeded to be lazy until about 12:39 and then see how long it would take me to get to Ed Sci. You could call it lazy, but I prefer to think of it as “living on the edge.” Nevertheless, I made it to the classroom at least five minutes before class started, with a trotting pace. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack a snack, and with 10 minutes to get from Ed Sci to Vilas, I decided to stop at Walgreens to grab something, but by the time I decided what I wanted to buy, it was already 2:26.


I drop my stuff, I bolt across East Campus Mall and up to the classroom only to the beat the professor there by about two minutes. Thank goodness. It was a three-hour class, but at least during the break I ran down to CoffeeBytes for a much-needed chocolate croissant and coffee, which kept me sane until 5:30. Of course, I went straight to the library and then relaxed at home for a while, which is why it’s almost midnight now and I’m getting basically my first meal of the day – two slices of pizza – surrounded by extremely loud and incredibly annoying undergrads, mostly girls shrieking about goodness-knows-what.

So now I’ve got about an hour of work ahead of me before sleep, at least, barring any major distractions (which we all know is not going to happen).

Yo ho ho, a grad student’s life for me.

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