Random Thought of the Day: Soap

Poking around in Marshalls, looking at (and smelling) soaps. One of the vegetable soaps smelled like my grandmother.

Pros to buying said soap: reminiscing and basking in the glow of my youth.

Cons to buying said soap: smelling like old lady.


I left it on the shelf and opted for the English rose.

Oh well, last time I went I scored some sweet India Hicks body wash that I’ll probably treasure for the rest of my life.

8 thoughts on “Random Thought of the Day: Soap

  1. Funny…I wear a real “oldie” perfume, White Shoulders. I wear it because my grandmother wore it and every time I dab it on it reminds me of her. I, I totally understand the impulse that almost led you to buy the soap. Sweet post!

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