Best Friends are Best Friends

A few days ago, my best (and oldest) friend celebrated her 27th birthday. Since I’m here in Baltimore and she lives in Baltimore, I decided to attempt to get in touch with her; our busy schedules have kept us from seeing each other for probably two years or so. I always wonder if I should call her my best friend, since she was for most of my childhood and is an all-around awesome person even though we do not get to communicate very much, or merely my oldest friend, since we met in kindergarten in 1990. It was hard to get ahold of her, but once I did, she took time out of her busy life as a librarian (at a public library, and on the day after Thanksgiving, no less), so I guess that still makes her best friend material. As usual, we go to Jasmine, in the Quarry, walking distance from my house and between her parents’ place and the library.

I like everything about her, but what I like the best is her consistency. Even after all these years, she has not changed. Her hairstyle, her clothing choices, her sense of fashion, and the fact that she’s always cold. She surprised me today, though, when she deviated from her normal Philly roll and tried the Alaska roll along with it. I hope that’s the most she changes, because she’s just awesome the way she is.

Here’s a very brief rundown of all the awesome moments of our friendship. It began at age 4 when we instantly bonded over being the only two in our kindergarten class who could read. We ended up outsmarting the teachers and cheating on our worksheets by reading the answers that were printed upside down on the bottom of the page; I guess we thought they put them there to help us out. Whoops. After kindergarten, we went our separate ways, as her parents sent her to a private girls’ school, but we still managed to get together periodically on weekends for play dates, and always went to each others’ birthday parties. I would use my dad’s office fax machine to fax her hand written notes, which we thought was SO AWESOME, which it was for kids of the 90s. As teenagers, we would send each other IMs periodically. For some reason, however, we did not attend each other’s bar/bat mitzvahs – I don’t remember it being so much of an animosity thing as it was a mutual agreement since we would not know anyone else at the other’s party (on her RSVP card, she wrote “Let’s celebrate together another time!” and we probably did).  High school was busier for us, but she managed to surprise me by showing up at my school to watch me in Hello, Dolly! in senior year. I  always sent her a postcard from my vacations, and I still have the ones she sent me from Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, and Israel. In college, we sent each other birthday cards, which was always easier for me than it was for her since my address changed every year and hers was always either at her school or her parents’ house. In my junior year, she accompanied me to the closing performance of my play that was produced in Baltimore, and to the cast party afterwards, where one of the other playwrights was her seventh-grade science teacher, which was kind of cool but a little awkward. And during my senior year, she flew up to Amherst for a weekend of fun where we road-tripped through Vermont and saw Mountpelier (“the city I want to retire in” she said), the Ben & Jerry’s factory, Vermont Teddy Bear, and a used bookstore safari tour of Brattleboro, which remains one of my favorite towns anywhere. We have so many private jokes; Aladdin colorforms, Weekly Readers, “do you need a razor?”, Grandma Lois, how she will one day become a coffee drinker but not today, that picture of us from kindergarten where I look terrified and she’s just blabbing away in her favorite blue sweater, two minutes at Goucher, the creepy photograph doll, watching my first episode of Friends with her, the garage door opener story (or how her parents tricked her a lot as a child),  and as of today, real life math and Timonium chopsticks.

Wow, those were a lot of highlights.

I don’t know if she’ll ever read this, but if she does, I salute you, Flamingo Kid. We’ve muddled through 23 years together, which is longer than I have known most people. Thanks for always being the wonderful you that you are, and I hope that you and me will always be best friends. I don’t really know why we’re still close to each other even after spending most of our lives on different wavelengths, but sometimes friendship doesn’t need an explanation. It just is, and best friend-ship is even better.

And that’s the story of me and my best friend.


6 thoughts on “Best Friends are Best Friends

  1. I have the same with my best friend. We’ve done highschool together for 4 years, but for college he went to the Netherlands and I stayed in Belgium. It’s really hard to match agenda’s, since we both really have a busy education. He’s studying Theatre and I’m in Office Management-Management Assistant. So we constantly have to do stuff and last time it was like a year ago we got to see each other. We don’t talk alot on the phone or via Facebook. But every time we see each other, it’s like no time passed at all and we just continue conversations as it was just yesterday. It’s really comforting to know that there will always be someone for you, other than my boyfriend or family. Last time we spoke, we also said that friendship doesn’t need to explain itself. He’s the only person I have left from highschool that I’m still friends with, but I’m really glad he stayed 🙂 Some friendships don’t need a “high maintenance” to be the best friendships ever. Best friends indeed stay best friends!

    • How’s this for eerie: I went to Massachusetts to study theatre and she stayed in Maryland to do communications/journalism and now she is a librarian. You’ve been best friends for four years and she and I have been best friends since age four. It is a really great feeling knowing that someone is always there, unconditionally. With almost every other friend I have, we’ve had at least one disagreement or argument but when she and I are together we have too much fun enjoying each other’s company that time flies too fast to have those. It also helps that we don’t talk much about politics, mostly about our lives, families, and memories. Oh, and how weird both of our sisters are.

      • Haha, that is eerie! Story of my life, I guess: I have a girl best friend and I’ve known her for I think 20 years now, and we only had a huge fight once. For the best guy friend, I’ve been best friends with him for 8 years now, but he truly is the only one who stuck with me after highschool. We don’t discuss things like politics either. I guess we’re just too interested in what the other has to say about what’s going on in his/her life, instead of politics 😛 I’m an only child, but I always love to hear the stories about his siblings!

      • I’ve never really had any boy best friends, or at least not consistently. Most of my male friends only date back a few years. I only talk to one person from my grade in high school, and she is a girl. Both my best friend and I have sisters who are single, live in Washington, and post everything they do on Facebook, whereas neither of us post very much. Also, when I’ve moved, which has been about five times in the last ten years, most of the friends who bother staying in touch are female, usually when a male friend from the past reaches out to me it’s for a favor.

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