Too Much Tuesday

First, there was Black Friday.

Then, there was African-American Friday.

Then, there was Cyber Monday.

This year took it to a whole new level: Giving Tuesday.

What is this?

First of all, stop it with the naming of the days. They already have arbitrary names that I sometimes don’t remember as it is. Second of all, the only thing that’s being given is a headache, to me and the rest of the world. Soliciting for a donation is normally not a problem, but when I wake up to 47 emails asking for money from everything from American Cancer Society to Maryland Book Bank, it makes me want to not donate. Which is the opposite of the point of the day, I think. Also, you’re giving Internet servers worldwide even more spam. Finally, oddly enough, I’m still getting emails, over a week later.

Giving Tuesday? Give me a break.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, happy Tuesday, everyone. My day consisted of a presentation, followed by too much running around, baking sufganiyot, and rehearsing in the dance studio. Can it be the weekend already? I am exhausted.

So yeah, seriously. Give me a break.


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