Tag, You’re It

So, today we had our dress rehearsal for this weekend’s dance showcase. Last Sunday, a few of us went to Kohl’s to pick up belts/vests/shirts. We purchased 6 items for $146 (saving $181, but that’s beside the point) and when I got home, I just left my items (vest and tie) in the bag, in my car. Today, I grabbed the bag from my car in my rush to get to rehearsal at Memorial Union. As I was putting on the final piece of the costume – my vest – I noticed some weight against one of the sides.


They forgot to take the security tag off.

For those of you who do not shop regularly at high-end stores (like Kohl’s), a security tag is a plastic/metal/magnet thing pinned into the fabric. Its purpose is to prevent said item of clothing from being stolen from the store. When the item is purchased, a little magnet at the register pops that security tag right off. If the average person tries to rip it off, it will explode ink everywhere, coating the item and the hands of the person who broke it; I kid you not. If it’s not removed from the garment, the store’s alarm goes off when you leave and all hell breaks loose and that’s when people actually start going ballistic.

Yet, for what it’s worth, I managed to get the vest out of the store with the security tag intact.

I couldn’t very well take it off myself, so I danced through the rehearsal today with it on, looking like some kind of tagged dancing fugitive. I kept having images of it beeping during the performance and some mall cops invading the dance floor and arresting me. Or that it would trigger the building to explode, or something.

But seriously?

You had one job, plastic security tag.

At least now I have an excuse to go back to Kohl’s tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It

  1. Ha, funny and frustrating at the same time — I know, because this has happened to me twice. Someone at my job had tools to help me get it off each time, because both times I was in a bind, but he found it odd this happened to me not once, but twice. I assured him the store left them on but I think he always wondered! 🙂

  2. This has happened to me soo many times! I have a shirt with the tag on even now. .The shirt’s months old.
    Usually though, they manage to go unnoticed through one set of detectors and set the second set off so that you’re just standing in the parking wondering if you subconsciously stole something while the attendants glare at you as if you’ve stolen something really precious to them.
    I don’t like these tags.

  3. That’s funny. That actually happened to me twice. Once when I was still in the city where I bought it so I took it back to have it removed. The second time it happened on a dress for my daughter. I was back here at home. I got a knife and sawed that sucker off. No ink anywhere.

  4. A similar thing happened to me when I bought a coat at Old Navy. They removed one tag and apparently left a tiny hidden one which did not beep when I left. It only beeped when I went to another shop. The Shop Assistant asked whether I had something from Old Navy. When I said yes, she removed the hidden tag and said this happened many. I was just glad she had not suspected me of stealing something.

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