Emily Litella: Another Fun New Word Game

Not much happened to me today, and I’m not in the mood to do anything because I’m kind of lonely and there’s so much wrong in the world, but I decided to make a fun new word game which I call Emily Litella.

Emily Litella was a character from classic Saturday Night Live, played by the late great Gilda Radner. She would appear on the Weekend Update segment with an opinion piece based on misheard news, and would proceed to ramble about it until corrected, usually by an annoyed Jane Curtin. Subjects included Russian Jewelry (that’s Russian Jewry, Emily), and Making Puerto Rico a Steak (that’s making Puerto Rico a state, Emily). She would end her report by saying “Oh, that’s very different. Never mind.”

So today, I decided to do just that; Litell-ify some headlines by changing just one letter. You can do it too.

Here are mine:

From FOXnews.com:

Security Forces bill school massacre planner in Pakistan shootout.

Emily Litella: How much did that cost?

Experts skeptical N. Korea guilty of Pony hack

Emily Litella: Well that’s not very nice! They must really be as hungry as a horse to do that!

Wake held for 1 of 2 cups gunned down in attack

Emily Litella: I thought shooting whiskey meant drinking it, not having a funeral for it!

Try it. You might laugh a little.


3 thoughts on “Emily Litella: Another Fun New Word Game

  1. Well, you may say you are bored or lonely, but you certainly have much creativity and am able to self-amuse. Keep up the positive and whimsical posts. We need much more of that in the world and whether or not you think so, it does help. And thank you so much for following Tovarysh. Happy New Year to you, Jacob!!

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