So, tonight, my dad and I went out to Great Dane at Hilldale for dinner, and ended up sitting in the corner of the small side-room.

Next to us was a table of nine people: four guys and five girls.

They were very chatty, mostly in normal voices, but one guy had


It just boomed and reverberated, even more so due to the small space of the room. And he had the loudest, worst laugh ever. It sounded like a whole unit of army cadets going “HUT. HUT. HUT.”

Basically, whenever he opened his mouth, whichever one of us was talking at my table had to either yell or stop talking altogether.

Whatever happened to “inside voice?”

Don’t people hear themselves talk?

And now, someone in another apartment on my floor must be snoring REALLY LOUDLY because I can hear it with my door closed.

Maybe I should check to see if anyone is sleeping in the hallway.

Oh, and today I welcomed my 21,000th visitor since I’ve had RevolverMaps, so here’s lookin’ at you, Simi Valley, California.


  1. I don’t think they teach ‘inside voice’ anymore. Damned kids today, brought up to believe that they are all precious snowflakes, unique and perfect in every way, and of COURSE everyone will be interested in EVERYTHING they have to say. Can you tell I’m in my “hey you kids, get off my lawn” cranky old-lady mode today? Your post really spoke to me.

    • Data: From the timbre of his voice, I could tell that he (like some people) just has a naturally loud voice and sounds like they’re always yelling even when they’re speaking in a normal tone. Also, the side room was probably acting like an echo chamber. But still, I agree, people are (or should be) able to hear themselves and modulate their voices appropriately. One time, a while back, I noticed that at restaurants, I tended to yell my order to the waiter/waitress, even if he/she was standing next to me “I’LL HAVE THE CAESAR SALAD, NO BACON BITS OR ANCHOVIES” and sometimes I still hear myself doing that, but I just have to remember that even if he/she might need me to repeat it slower or something, it’s not because they couldn’t hear me. So it’s like a 50/50 thing, or maybe a 70/30, if that makes sense.

  2. You have to wonder if all those earbuds and listening devices haven’t done something to our hearing? There are some people who have a louder precence, for sure.

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