Life of a Frustrated Blogger

A little bit of real time for the moment. I haven’t done this for a while but maybe just writing down a list of stuff will keep my brain from exploding.

1. Get to lunch tomorrow on time.

2. Meeting on Tuesday.

3. Read for class and prepare discussion questions.

4. Clean apartment. For serious.

5. Find winter hat, or buy a new one.

6. Go to store, buy actual food.

7.  Invite people over/out for meals to catch up with said people.

8. Exercise more than 3 days next week.

9. Read the books I’ve had out from the library for a year now whose due dates are coming up soon.

10. Figure out my life.

12 thoughts on “Life of a Frustrated Blogger

  1. No. 5 is very important. It’s amazing how clearly you’ll be able to think with a warm head! No. 8 – I think you’re already doing well at 3 days of exercise a week.Well done. I think no. 10 is an ongoing thing. I read somewhere (sorry, can’t remember where) that making lists are good for us, because it makes us feel that we’re doing something constructive … even if we don’t do everything on the list.

    • Lee: I actually have a second winter hat, but it’s a special one, because I got it in Ecuador with a set of matching gloves. I always like having two of things, especially one that matches the green coat I wear just about every day.

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