A Goat, My Throat, and a Big Yellow Boat

Since it’s too cold to think of anything creative or fun today, happy Year of the Goat! I always thought that Chinese New Year was a good reason to celebrate as any, so eat some goat cheese pizza and listen to Phoebe Buffay’s song “Parading Goats” on YouTube (starting at 4:15)

And then, there’s my throat. And my head, and my chest, and my nose. They are not having this winter, especially not the sudden Arctic cold snap that’s hit Madison this week. I think it was a high of 3 degrees today, and the wind was so fierce it almost knocked me off my feet while walking to class. My circulation is terrible, so I’ve been having nosebleeds on the daily, especially when I come from the cold into a particularly hot room or building. And now my nose is stuffed, my lips are dry, and I’m becoming a mouth breather.

It’s what I call sick-not-sick.

Yeah, I am sick, in a way, but not sick enough to stay home from school or not do anything. That’s why we have tissues, hand sanitizer, soap, water, and paper towels. As long as I’m not coughing or sneezing up a storm, unlike some people in my classes, I am of the firm belief that I am not sick, even though I kind of am.

Well that was pointless.

And about that boat…yeah, no big yellow boat in this story, I lied.

There is, however, one right here:

There you go.

Also, yay for another six-continent day! Reporting for duty: North America (Canada, USA, and Antigua and Barbuda), South America (Argentina), Europe (Finland, France, Spain, Ukraine, and UK), Africa (South Africa and Tanzania), Asia (India and Philippines), and Oceania (Australia).


4 thoughts on “A Goat, My Throat, and a Big Yellow Boat

  1. Add the Netherlands to your “reporting in / roll call ” list today 🙂

    Ugh It’s nasty to be under the weather,coughing and sneezing etc especially if it’s not bad enough to keep you in bed, off school or work, but bad enough to make you feel miserable.

    I can only hope you are feeling better soonest!!!

    In the last 18 months our family have done two things differently:
    First I make sure that EVERY visiting kid who comes for study / play dates learns to wash their hands properly … think like a surgeon preparing for an operation with plenty of soap and water after going to the lavatory (yes my kids die of embarrassment the first time they bring someone new home) Tough.

    I explain to every kid why… that I have very severe lung problems and asthma and that if they pass germs and colds to me that I will get very sick and need to go to the hospital a lot, therefore they need to help by washing their hands like I want them to after they use the lavatory or if they sneeze so that I don’t get sick.

    I was completely shocked when quite a few kids replied “but I never wash my hands after going to the toilet!” (what ARE their parents teaching them? or in this case NOT teaching them ! Yuck!!!)

    Kids learn that that’s how we do things in our household and that if they don’t want to do it then they can’t come back to play / study etc. After a few lesson on how to wash their hands correctly they are proud that they can do it so well.

    My husband and I also drink lime juice, from fresh limes …unsweetened, with hot or cold water every day. We buy the limes in bulk at the big outdoor market, squeeze them and freeze the juice. You get used to the sourness and it becomes a refreshing way to get a good dose of Vitamin C

    In the last year and a half I have had a few sniffles but not had a flu or cold at all, the kids have had a few sniffles but they go within two or three days and my husband had had colds that last for a few days rather than weeks.

    Not only that, but several neighbourhood kids have said that since they have taken up really properly washing their hands, they have had far fewer colds and the ones they did have were over far quicker than colds in the past.

    The difference for our family is amazing, It’s a tad embarrassing to have to tell people how they need to wash their hands (it should take at least as long as singing “Happy Birthday”) but it’s really worth it to not have winter sniffles, sore throats etc.

    Meanwhile, arm yourself with a box of soft tissues, throat lozenges and a hot water bottle, head for the sofa with a blanket and cup of tea once you get home.
    Get well soon!!!

  2. That Big Yellow Boat…Fiji! I’d be dreaming of a warmer zone than Madison, too. Sorry you are half-way under the weather. Just don’t sink into the mire of becoming truly sick. Eat healthy, get sunshine (yes, even if it means wearing four layers of clothing), and purchase a cheap drugstore brand of saline spray for your nose. The heater is the culprit. Drink extra fluids and cough into the elbow of your clothing. Sneeze into a tissue. Sanitize like crazy.
    This commercial has been brought to you by the Campus Health and Human Services Board.

    P.S. Think: Fiji!

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