It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling…Wait For Me

Sorry for the absence for the past few days, please don’t leave me 🙂 I’ve just been really, really busy. And by that, I mean, tired, lazy, stuffy, and a little down, but also busy to some extent. Which is a shame, but I’ve had several really good ideas for posts lately but they’ve gone away because of one of the above reasons.

Anyway, in recent news, I have a house guest this weekend due to unforeseen circumstances; don’t worry, a good one, but it’s getting late and I’m starting to wonder where he is because all his stuff is still here. And for some reason, I ended up staying out with him and some others until 3:00 AM, but then had 8-9 glorious hours of deep sleep, after which I woke up disoriented but not sniffling and coughing much anymore. After spending most of the day in pajamas attempting to recharge my batteries, I went to my ballroom dance team’s leads night and then to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with the rest of team, and tomorrow I’m going to see Riley in Mambo Mouth at 2, followed by APO for the rest of the afternoon.

But don’t worry, once I get some work out of the way, send some emails, take care of my guest, and get a few more life-things in order, there will be more fun, silliness, book reviews, scripts flipped, rants, Masterpiece YouTubes, you name it, it’ll be here, so stick around!

Love to you all 🙂

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