How Geocaching Prepares You For Real Life

Some have said that my geocaching hobby is a pointless one, or at least one with no practical skills. (Sidenote: if you do not know what geocaching is, click here. And then come back and continue reading.) Today, however, it saved me a lot of grief.

As usual, I went to rehearsal, which was in the big theater today. The big theater, by the way, has a habit of eating my things. I can’t tell you how many things have come in there with me and have not come out. It’s like a vortex. Anyway, I put my stuff down, and after moving it around a few times while doing various things, I returned home, only to discover what the theater ate today…

My wallet.


Anyone who has ever lost a wallet knows the pain, not only of whatever money you had it or phone numbers, or emotional attachment, but replacing all the cards in it, from the difficult ones like the driver’s license and the credit/debit cards to the bus pass and the student ID, which are just additional, time-consuming trips to some office God-knows-where. Anyway, I noticed I didn’t have it the second I got home, so I ran back out into the cold, hoping that a) the building was still open and b) it was anywhere in the vicinity of where I was. Fortunately, it was open, and I was able to get back to the spot where I was sitting. I remembered it exactly, because the seat was number 10, a lucky number of mine, and one I look for often while geocaching. I looked high and low for about ten minutes, and when I was about to give up, I looked down into the space between the red plush seats 10 and 11, and wedged in a little gap between the leather-brown armrests, there it was.

A huge sigh of relief as I pulled it out, thanking my skills in looking for heavily camouflaged objects in the wild, or in Target parking lots. I was so happy that I even introduced myself nicely to a potential MFA student on a tour.

And even happier, six continents visited me again today: North America (Canada and USA), South America (Brazil and Argentina), Europe (UK, France, and Italy), Asia (Israel, Japan, Singapore and Philippines), Africa (South Africa) and Oceania (Australia).


9 thoughts on “How Geocaching Prepares You For Real Life

  1. Geocaching sounds like such a fun waste of time! I say that with the utmost sincerity!

    Also, as a woman who has, too often, had to retrace my steps to find my phone/wallet, your story is just heartrending 😉

  2. You’re right I must try geocaching. My kids will love it! Also did you see Exodus: Gods and Kings? What did you think of Christian Bale’s performance? Saludos

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