Something Is Happening

I don’t know about you, but something is definitely happening. I don’t know what it is or what it means, but it’s something.

Oh, and the fact that I’m in the black hole backstage dressed all in my stage blacks doesn’t help me feel any less like a conspiracy theorist.

It started on Sunday, I think, that I knew I’d have a strange week. When we got to the theatre on Sunday morning, about ten of us were standing around getting ready to get ready when all of a sudden a huge chunk of ceiling just falls out of nowhere and lands in the middle of the stage. I was standing on stage, very close to where it landed, and it scared the crap out of me. It’s one way to wake up in the morning, yes, but it was just crazy and creepy and I’m even more convinced that the Mitchell is seriously haunted like whoa.

Yesterday kind of seemed like Sunday, even though it was Monday, because I really didn’t have so much of a Sunday, so I took it probably a little too easy, but it was just so gosh darn beautiful outside that I walked a mile to Shani’s place to say goodbye (read: sit with her and talk and help pack for 3 hours) and then the whole mile back. I met Shani last year, but didn’t know her too well until just recently, and then two weeks ago, she told me she was quitting her job and moving back in with her folks in Boston. Yet another sad goodbye. But hopefully she’ll find what she’s looking for. Anyway, I was walking home, and when I got to State Street, I saw these two guys skateboarding down the hill, and one of them was going a little too fast. The light changed and a bus went through the intersection, and just like that…one of the guys jumped off his speeding skateboard as the bus steamrolled right over the skateboard, chopping it neatly into three pieces of equal size. Right in front of my eyes. Thankfully, the guy was okay, but it was very portentous. Of what, I do not know, but something.

I have this weird feeling that something big will happen this week. Maybe to me, maybe not to me, maybe to the world at large, but something big is going to happen.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, here’s something for those of you who want to know more of my quirks: I realized that whenever I use the card catalog at the library, I have to go back and delete everything I’ve searched for when I am done or else I cannot bring myself to leave the terminal. I swear I’m not a tinfoil hat wearing, NSA obsessed, paranoid (parannoying?) person.

Run is starting, so I will be back when I have something more substantial to say.

Or if something big happens.


14 thoughts on “Something Is Happening

  1. Someone else I follow was also mentioning how they feel something going on this week. They described it as a transition. I haven’t been feeling great the last few days, but I don’t know why. So maybe there is something going on and something big will happen soon. Energy is building up, maybe. We shall see.

  2. Strange, did someone quote or state the name of the Scottish Play perhaps? I hate those looming feelings of doom. Oh and I don’t see myself as a conspiracy theorist, but I never say anything I don’t want shared or held against me later in life on the phone or via text. 😉

  3. That skateboarder had a lucky escape… phew, and so did you when the ceiling bits fell. I’m not superstitious… maybe it’s just a gentle reminder that every day is precious 🙂

  4. Oh dear, just thinking about part of the ceiling falling down, reminds me of that scene in The Truman Show where a piece of equipment falls out the sky – perhaps, we’re all secretly watching you, not to add to your non-paranoia or anything… 😉

    P.S. I heard that tinfoil hats are all the rage, in fact you’ve just blown my plan for the next fashion post.

  5. Lolol how creepy about the ceiling. That has happened in a house I lived in. Always scary when they happens randomly… and danngg about the skateboard. Love the way you write on here. Hilarious. Btw.. you wouldn’t happen to be a redditor, would you? Just curious!

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