There’s An App For That

Not once, but twice this week, from two different people, have I heard the phrase “half price apps.” 

I assumed they meant apps, as in those things you download and play on your phone, but then I realized what they were talking about, which was…appetizers.

I’m not a huge appetizer person. Most of the time I can’t eat whatever is in them, or they just sound…well, unappetizing, which is kind of antithetical to the point of the word. The only appetizers that I take seriously are tuna tataki and bruschetta; pretty much everything else seems to be just “here, pay us more money for less food.”

Tina, don’t bother. They’re just overcooked, overpriced, and overly fattening.


But when did they become known as apps? That’s what I’d like to know. Is this new terminology, or is it just our cult. of shortening thgs? (C wat I dd thr?)


16 thoughts on “There’s An App For That

  1. Yes that’s more like americanisms that keep springing up like mushrooms like ‘how do you do’ becoming ‘howdy’ , Dude, Prom, Rookie or an ‘awe-inspiring experience’ becoming just ‘awesome’ – awesome indeed!

  2. Ah, the effect of texting on the English language! In this case, it creates a confusing situation. Does “app” mean “application” for a computer or “appetizer” to be eaten before a formal meal or alone as a late night snack? I think we can also thank the marketing/advertising people for wanting to target the 18-35 demographic by appearing “hip” with an abbreviation that sounds like they’re texting. At any rate, I was confused, like you, when I saw TV ads for Applebee’s and “apps.” Cinda

  3. I have to go with George on this one – I was working my way through school waitressing and people were ordering what WE called apps back when phones sat (one to a house) in the living room, with big round DIALS on the front. 🙂

  4. Hello, Jacob! Thanks for that! I too thought that You were meaning the Apps for cell phones, etc. Glad to know that the word has new meanings too! Always good to keep learning, what! 🙂 For all that, I India We do away with all those kinds of things. Ours is a Simple, One course Meal, for most of Us, anyway! As You say, they sure make Us Pay More for Less Food. Regards.

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