Later, Seder

Apologies for my absence, it’s been an insane past few days since I got back home. I think I’ve been awake for less than half of the past 48 hours, during most of which I was getting ready for or participating in two crazy seders.

Seder 1 consisted of 23 people, 21 of whom I was related to and 2 non-relatives. We started at about 7 PM and finished just past midnight. Most of it is a blur because I was so hot most of the time (23 people and a hot stove/oven create a lot of body heat) but my dad made one of the best shticks ever (more on that in a later post), and we had a few funny moments:

  • The candles not staying lit.
  • The annual Kissinger & Passover play interrupted by my cousin’s unsuccessful attempts to unobtrusively open our screen door so he could walk around the house to use the bathroom rather than walking over everyone.
  • The many bathroom trips of my poor uncle, including one where he dropped his yarmulke in the toilet (okay, this one’s not as funny as it is sad).
  • But he did troll us later during the “Echod Mi Yodea” song, which was actually funny.
  • Spectacular Moroccan chicken courtesy of my sister.
  • Dessert. Too much and too good.

Seder 2 consisted of 10 people rather than 11, with one not showing up due to illness (which became part of the night’s running jokes). We started at 8 and ended at about 1 AM. (By the way, I slept until 1 PM that day, and until 10 AM today). Highlights included:

  • Fox showing up, a happy reunion of friends after about two or three years. Seriously, it was amazing to see her again, I can’t believe it actually worked it.
  • It was also Fox’s first seder. I hope we did not scare her too much.
  • A repeat shtick, but it was still good.
  • Altogether, a quieter and more enjoyable time, which has never happened to me before at a second seder.
  • More amazing food, and barely being able to finish it.
  • Kissinger & Passover being on point with Fox as the radio announcer and me as Kissinger.
  • Finding out that Wisconsin made the championship game shortly after seder ended (and managing to forget about the game amidst all the fun).

And now, attempting to catch up on all the schoolwork. This trip was way too short; I think I wore a total of three of the outfits I brought over the last four days, including my pajamas, and I read about 50 pages for pleasure and 50 for school. Tomorrow, I need to get some serious headway into my schoolwork, with two huge deadlines coming up (eek) before I get on a plane to Minneapolis at 7 PM, where I’ll connect to my flight to Madison at 9:49 PM. This time tomorrow I will be back in my apartment, hopefully.

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