Thursday Night Sociopaths

My night was just ruined thanks to two separate complete sociopaths who did the same thing to me. 

1. Waiting in line, grabbed me by the waist to get around me.

2. Drunkenly walked up to where I was seated and put her drunk head on my back.

Never again am I going to out for a late night slice of pizza again. At the very least, carry out. 


My back is still tingling. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. 

10 thoughts on “Thursday Night Sociopaths

      • Yep. People think that if a woman is pregnant it’s perfectly acceptable to touch her baby belly without asking. It happened to me in a store, total stranger, I looked at her and says, “what? I’m not pregnant!” I’m willing to bet she never tried that again.

      • You should find out where she lives, and then go up to her house and rub the siding. Then, yell up “HEY, WHEN’S YOUR DUE DATE? ARE YOU COMING OUT THE FRONT DOOR OR THE BACK? HOW DO YOU LIKE ME TOUCHING YOUR HOME?” So many double entendres.

  1. I’m sorry you were subjected to such harassment, Jacob. There is so much wrong with both of these incidents. Whether a person is drunk, or simply horsing around, absolutely no one has the right to invade anyone’s personal space.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to turn off the bad vibes and get some sleep. Try concentrating on something great that happened within your day. Tomorrow, find a confidant and talk about every aspect of this. Cleanse your soul of the violations and, if you encounter repeated behavior of this kind do not hesitate notifying campus police and the Dean’s office. Hold people accountable by raising awareness to those who have the power to apprehend and stop the perpetrators.
    Again, I’m sorry you were violated. I just want you to know my thoughts are with you. From one victim to another, don’t allow anyone to break your spirit.

  2. Ugh, gross. I once had a frat boy drunk as a skunk nodding off and almost falling on top of me on the NJ Transit bus home. He absolutely reeked of alcohol and was pressing so hard against me with his legs and his head kept flopping around that I finally squeezed in front of him to find another seat.

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