The Post About Stamps

This post originally appeared on 3/13/15, the day that the show opened, so I didn’t have time to finish it, but I went to the post office today to send some letters and restock on stamps, so I decided to revive this post.

I like stamps.

A lot.

Not enough to collect them like my dad used to do, but enough to wish that they didn’t have any monetary value so I could just keep them and look at them all day, like artwork.

My love began with the Celebrate The Century, or CTC stamps. They came out around the early 2000s and you could get comic books and vote on what appeared on each decade’s stamps. Right before my bar mitzvah, the 1980s set came out with a few particularly awesome stamps, like Cats, The Cosby Show, and hip-hop, and I cleaned the post office out. Seriously, they had a little sign saying they were out after I bought like two hundred to use for invitations.

All the decades in the series had some fun-looking stamps. My favorites were (in chronological order): From the 1900s, the teddy bear, Crayola, and the Gibson Girl; from the 1910s, toys, child labor reform, and crossword puzzles; from the 1920s, jazz and flappers; from the 1930s, Monopoly and Snow White; from the 1940s, big band, the jitterbug, and A Streetcar Named Desire; from the 1950s, I Love Lucy and The Cat in the Hat; from the 1960s, peace and Woodstock; from the 1970s, Sesame Street, disco, smiley faces, and All In the Familyand from the 1990s, computer art and the World Wide Web. There were many, many more but those were my favorites.

Ever since I became an adult and had to pay bills and stuff, I had to start investing in stamps. At first, I bought some flowers, and some American flags, but then one day, I saw these bright, colorful, awesome stamps and I had to have them. They featured Latin Music Legends. And I was hooked on them.

I should have bought more than one sheet; I could’ve flown out the door with a year’s supply, but I figured I could get more later. I went back to get more when I was done, but I couldn’t find them. But instead, I got these sweet Dancer Stamps.

Stamps Celebrate National Dance Day

When the dancers were all done, I headed back, prepared for disappointment, but behold, Vintage Circus Posters!

And today, I invested in my second set of these dope Harry Potter stamps, so if you live in the USA and want a postcard or a letter with a Harry Potter stamp, totally hit me up for one.

Here’s a list of things/people I’d like to see on postage stamps:

  • Shari Lewis/Lamb Chop.
  • Golden Age Nickelodeon TV Shows
  • Winnie-the-Pooh
  • Family Guy
  • Starbucks beverages
  • Joan Rivers

In other news, I got a book out of the library today and it had a coupon for BreatheRight Nasal Strips in it. Neat!

Oh, and welcome to two consecutive six-continent days (3/12-3/13): North America (Canada, USA, Panama, Jamaica, and Antigua and Barbuda), South America (Argentina and Chile), Europe (UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, and Russia), Asia (Philippines, India and Indonesia), Africa (Nigeria and South Africa), and Oceania (Australia).

And today (5/11) is another six-continent day, the second in a row, so howdy to North America (Canada and USA), South America (Argentina and Colombia), Europe (UK, Estonia, Norway, Macedonia, and Spain), Asia (Philippines, Israel, India, and Malaysia), Africa (Ghana), and Oceania (Australia and Papua New Guinea).

6 thoughts on “The Post About Stamps

  1. I was never big into stamps until I interned at the National Postal Museum last summer. Philately is soooo cool. I never thought stamps could be so interesting until my time at the Postal Museum. I actually have the Hermione stamp in the Harry Potter set framed and on my wall…a souvenir from the Postal Museum. 🙂

  2. Those are great stamps. I actually got some of the dancers and singers when they came out. They’re all used up now though. I have a book of domestic and international stamps my sister gave me. I have yet to go through them and organize them. She said they might be worth something. The idea of researching potential buyers for certain stamps is enough to discourage me from getting into that book. Do you know of any sites that might be interested in purchasing vintage stamps?

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