McCall’s Me Maybe

I found this website today that just got my giggles on, and I have no idea why. It’s a tumblr called “McCall’s Pattern Behavior” run by someone named Natalie, who puts captions on pictures of McCall’s dress patterns.

And it’s funny as heck. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of Anne Taintor.

My favorites:


:”Patty I think

I think that’s a urine sample”

“Were you shopping


Were you sweeping


“Seriously Ruth-Ann

Do you have a blazer for every holiday

Jesus you’re annoying”


Okay, off to finish my second book of the week! Hiiii-ya!

15 thoughts on “McCall’s Me Maybe

  1. This is great! Takes me back to the 60s when I took sewing lessons at the Singer store in Santa Monica and made a sun dress from a McCalls pattern. Love the dialogues! Thanks for sharing this, Jacob!

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