Conversations with Myself, Part 1

I talk to myself.

And you do too.

Don’t pretend like you don’t, because you do. Whether it’s out loud or in your head, you talk to yourself just like I do. I replay conversations, narrate life situations, prepare speeches, bring up memories of how many airports you’ve flown through or your favorite breakfast foods of all time, in order.

Today, I wanted to spend the day geocaching somewhere fun, but instead, I ended up driving an hour to Lake Delton, sitting in a Dunkin’ Donuts, talking to my dad for a half hour, then finding a whopping 3 geocaches before driving home so I could get some gym time in.

On the way there and back (and also just now on the way to/from the supermarket), I had some conversations with myself; nothing out of the ordinary, but something to pass the time while driving around alone.

So here are some thoughts from my drive.

Context not included.

“I get terrible service out here.”

“Wow, my GPS is taking me the super-scenic route.”

“You showed me more friendship in 10 minutes of conversation than the rest of those jerks all semester.”

“All of my professors’ names begin with the letter M.”

“If she were my age, we’d totally be BFFs.”

“I save my money so I can go to conferences. Because I want to go on vacation and learn shit. And network. And drink. Except not really. But kind of.”

“I am not materialistic. Except that I am.”

“I’m not spendy, but I like shopping.”

“Is spendy a word?”

“I have never left a meeting more where I wanted to punch someone in the face.”

“It wasn’t really a debate, but an agreeing/disagreeing thing.”

“I don’t know why I’m lowering my voice, it’s not like anyone can hear me in here.”

“I can say with confidence that she is an actual bitch. I mean, we’re civil to each other – we’re not animals – but she’s a straight-up bitch.”

“You do not speak to someone like that. First of all, her age, second of all, her Ph.D., third, she’s put 25 years of her life into this. How much have you done, missy?”

“I wonder if Ciara wants to go to Chicago with me this week.”

So this entry just happened.

12 thoughts on “Conversations with Myself, Part 1

  1. I talk to myself all the time! I’ve had co-workers start laughing at me, and that’s when I realize my mutterings were louder than I thought. I suspect if I wrote down my thoughts they would be much less entertaining 🙂

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