Back on the Board

This afternoon, I did something I didn’t think I’d do again.

Yep. Got on a paddle board.

I thought it might be easier the second time, and in a way, it was. The water was very calm, as I suppose it would be, being a lake rather than a harbor. I got there at around 2:30, and headed out at around 2:50. Being on the water was nice; it wasn’t an especially hot day, and thankfully it wasn’t too windy. Paddling out from the shore was easier than I thought. But then, once I got far away from land, I got a little more nervous. My knees locked and buckled, and I focused so much on keeping my eyes straight ahead and paddling and keeping myself upright and making sure that the sweat wasn’t getting into my eyeballs that I probably looked more silly than cool. I was planning on making it to at least the far dock, the one closest to Camp Randall. When I got to about the halfway point, a gentle breeze came and turned me exactly 180 degrees, so I guess it was Mother Nature telling me to go back to the dock. Feeling a bit defeated, I managed to get back without having fallen at all, for the entire…thirty minutes I was out there.


Weak sauce.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m back on the grind. Right now, I’m almost done watching a video for tomorrow, and I’ve still got stuff to read.

This week is going to be so weird, I can already feel it.

Hopefully there will be more normalcy in my future…well, in my real life, so I can get back to silliness here.

17 thoughts on “Back on the Board

  1. Balance isn’t so much my thing…I like scuba diving, though!

    This is your semi-official Ninth Month Challenge return visit. I’ll be bestowing the whole message on some other fine folk along the way.

    Paddle on!

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