Leave The Devil In Hell Where He Belongs

Yesterday, I posted about something that I like, and today, here’s something I don’t like:

People who constantly play devil’s advocate.

I mean, what purpose does it serve? Most of the time, said person just does it to either be contrary in a situation that was perfectly fine until they opened their trap, or to get attention in a way other than throwing a temper tantrum. Sometimes we don’t want to hear your opinion. Or that of the devil. Do you really dislike us to that degree? If so, you might need to find some new friends.

Then, there’s the whole cliched phrasing of it. “Devil’s advocate?” For some reason, I think of 1970s crime dramas. You know, the kind where the men had suits with patched elbows and women wore shoulder pads. I mean, really. And why would the devil need advocating? I’d like to think he’s probably pretty convincing himself, after all, isn’t he the definition of evil? The polar opposite of good? Or something.


If I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase in an academic setting, I’d have enough money to set up a scholarship fund.

But only for people who know when to shut up and when to…shut up.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell


10 thoughts on “Leave The Devil In Hell Where He Belongs

  1. I agree. It bothers me when I find myself having to watch everything I say, because I keep getting challenged on things for no real reason other than to be awkward. I don’t always feel like having heated conversations and sometimes I just want to socialise to relax. It can also feel nice to connect over a topic too instead of constantly being at odds.

  2. This is one of my greatest pet peeves. I know they feel empowered by being a$$es, but in retrospect they are simply showing how spineless they are. Sadly, they are clueless and thus they carry on their tirade in hopes of cornering their subject. Walk away, or better yet, back slowly away from them while staring them down, silently…give them something to ponder. 😉

  3. I think it depends on why someone is being the devil’s advocate. I’m told I;m always playing that role, even tough it is completely unintentional on my part. There are very few things in this world that I am 100% certain of, although there are so many things I wish I could be certain of. For me playing devil’s advocate, especially if the other person is absolutely confident of their belief, is a way of finding out why they hold that idea/belief so confidently. Perhaps I can learn something from the resulting conversation.

    I guess not have particularly good social skills (I’m autistic) is one reason why I use playing devil’s advocate so much. So often I find people “saying” things without words, which totally baffles me although I have discovered that sometimes people make conversation not to discuss something, but to agree about something. This seems so odd to me. If you all agree, what’s the point of talking about it?

  4. I hate it too, but for different reasons. The devil isn’t in Hell. He was kicked out of Heaven, but he won’t be thrown into the Lake of Fire until after the final judgment. Until then, Job 1:7. Food for thought. 😉

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