Wrap Your Hand in a Sari

Well hello, friends. I know it’s been a few days, most of which I’ve spent trying to stay awake, but while I’m in the middle of my Golden Girls marathon in honor of today being both what would’ve been my grandmother’s 104th birthday, and it being a day ending in y, here’s something fun.

I’ve been wearing a lot of bandanas lately; I started wearing them during my Summer Odyssey. I have six of them in varying colors and patterns, and they’re a great accessory to any outfit. They are also multi-functional. I usually just wear one around my wrist, but sometimes it’s a neckerchief, a handkerchief, a hair covering, a sweatband, a napkin, or just something to make knots in while waiting somewhere or nervous.

But today, I discovered a new way to wear a bandana: a hand sari!

So here’s how to wrap your bandana into a cute sari for your wrist.

Step 1: Turn your bandana into a thin strip.

Step 2: Place the center of the strip over the back of your left hand.

Step 3: Tuck one end under your thumb, and wrap the other end around your wrist.

Step 4: Pull the end under your thumb down your palm to your wrist, and knot the two ends.

And voila, you have a hand sari!

I need a life.

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