Why Our Great-Grandchildren Might Have Claws Instead of Hands

What did we ever do before smart phones?

I feel like the real question here is, what the heck are we doing after smart phones?

One of my friends linked me to this article today via Facebook, and I think that this is brilliant.

Photographer Eric Pickersgill chose just this as his subject matter for his latest photographic piece. This series depicts scenes from everyday life – children playing, a bridal party – only with smart phones digitally erased. The resulting series looks, for the most part, silly. The couple shown in the above photo look like anything but a romantic duo; they’ve transformed themselves into a set of human bookends in some sort of Grecian-urn pose.


4 thoughts on “Why Our Great-Grandchildren Might Have Claws Instead of Hands

  1. I love this! It brings back memories from six years ago. My daughter and son (in-law), arrive for their wedding rehearsal at my daughter’s future in-laws home. Vicki, my daughter’s now mother (in-law) , stands at the door, broad, sweet smile on her face, holding a basket in her hands. The young adults arrive, ready to chow-down on a catered meal and a night of joy and frivolity after they do their preliminary run-through for the next day’s big event.
    They have no idea what is yet to come.

    “Do you want my car key’s?”

    “No, Sweetie, but that cell phone would be a lovely offering.”


    OMG, they have traveled back in time, and mysteriously their plane had not delivered them to Northern California. Dumbfounded, they reluctantly submitted to her request. Throughout the evening I would hear them asking my future son (in-law) if he could snag their phone for them. Repeatedly I would here him reply:

    “That’s not going to happen. I know better. You can try, though.”

    Jacob (yes, my son has the same name), had impressed me the first time I’d met him, some five years earlier. That evening I realized how important it was to his family to fully engage within the moment. I know I sound old and a fuddy-duddy, but I am so thankful my daughter’s life is in good hands.

    Vicki thinks like Margie. 😉

  2. Good one! I saw that photo series the other day and just kinda nodded and shook my head. It’s so true, and it’s so sad. People are rarely engaged in the here and now anymore, and yet. I’d be lying if I claimed I don’t have those moments of my own. Moments when I’d rather bury my nose in a book (physical or digital) or a game or something, anything to help me “escape.” But I think that’s an entirely different issue. So many have done this slow zoning out and completely checking out of life. Certainly makes our future look bleak.

    And I love the story shared by coffeegrounded. 🙂

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