We’ll Always Have Paris

I would be remiss to let this weekend pass without reflecting on the events of the past few days in Paris.

I’ve never been to France, but I desperately want to go someday. I want to feel like I will be safe when I go, but something like this is incredibly scary. But it’s ironic, my parents always tell me that India and Africa are oh-so-dangerous places, yet we are seeing catastrophes happen in Madrid, London, and now Paris.

This is not a fluke. This is real life. Terror can strike anywhere, at any time, and the fact that it happened in Paris just makes it even more apparent that we need to reexamine how we live, and the messages we transmit to the world.

7 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have Paris

  1. It is difficult to watch our world turn into such a desperate state, but Jacob, never give up hope. Don’t allow sadness to frighten your dreams from within your heart. The world needs forgiveness and believing. Those two items are lost on a terrorist.

  2. It’s absolutely terrible, isn’t it? That places we thought were safe suddenly aren’t. But one day, one day, it will return to the safety we once thought.

  3. You can’t let the evil win Jacob and keep you from living your dreams! I traveled to Europe 4 months after 9/11 when NOBODY wanted to travel. And I’ll be in Paris in three weeks – a trip planned months ago that I don’t intend to cancel out of fear because of this horrific, senseless tragedy. There are simply too many beautiful places and wonderful people and great restaurants and historic places not to go! Viva la France!!

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