Like Eating a Southern Cloud

Well hello there everyone!

I made it to Atlanta yesterday, and even though it took almost as long to get from the airport to Kennesaw as it did from Madison to Atlanta, it’s been so worth it. 

It’s so great to see Avery again. Her house is beautiful and her roommate is graciously allowing me to use her bedroom while she is in Savannah. We caught up last night and watched The Darjeeling Limited. 

Today we started off with cinnamon rolls and biscuits at Mountain Biscuit. It was like eating a southern cloud. Then we went to an art workshop, after which we went to Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, Mary Phagan’s Grave in Marietta, and the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta. Finally, we met up with her friends and cast mates Janna and Becca for a KOSHER Latin American dinner in Sandy Spring.

Now we are back at the house in Kennesaw watching The Labyrinth.

Tomorrow is the show. I’m so excited. 

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