Well, That Was Fun

…And now I’m back in Madison.

After a few days of enjoying my family and being at home in Baltimore.

When did that happen?

So, yes, here I am, back on the couch and back on the grind. Chocolate milk and Milano cookies, most work still untouched.

To my credit, I did get some stuff done on my long (if you can call it that) weekend, mostly on planes. En route, I finished all the grading and comment writing. It helped that Southwest gives free drinks on Thanksgiving, and my flight had a stopover in Boston so I enjoyed that twice. I also finished a lab write-up and gave some serious thought to my production paper, my lesson plan, and final paper for British drama. I also actually finished a book, and started a second.

Being at home though…yeah. Lots of good, and some bad.

The good: my parents were surprisingly chill and laid back. Must be something in the water. I got to see a lot of family at Thanksgiving dinner in Chevy Chase, 19 of us in all, and managed to not over-eat all the delicious food. We went to the club and to Nautilus, always a good time. I had plenty of quality bonding time with my childhood bed. I also got a haircut which I like. The airports were both a breeze to get through, and I even had a travel companion coming back, a girl from Lutherville who is a junior and has 2 mutual Facebook friends with me.

The bad: well, for one thing, coming back. I think I spent the majority of the trip dreading returning, and the awful slog that will be December for me. How bad is it? I just put down a cookie, typed a few words, got another, took a bite, and put it down in the exact same spot. MENTAL STATE.

Probably the absolute worst thing though was being around my uncle. This is possibly one of the saddest cases of “why, God, why” I’ve ever encountered. He’s been traveling down the slippery slope of dementia, and it’s gotten really, really bad. My grandmother who had textbook Alzheimer’s was happy most of the time, unaware but adaptable, and always polite. She was also on anti-depressants, which definitely made a difference. My uncle, who was once full of life and energy and good humor, has pretty much devolved into an infant. Thanksgiving dinner was particularly difficult for us, with plenty of crying and whining and yelling to go around, but I can only imagine how hard it must be for him to control himself. At shul on Saturday, he threw a plate of food to the floor in despair. I know that he is most likely harmless, but it’s so upsetting and depressing to see just how unaware he has become, and how he no longer has control over his inner belligerence. It’s scary to think that you or I might be like that someday.

Also, I was sneezing, dripping, and tearing up all weekend, and miraculously, I’m better now. I think my parents’ house might have mold in it or something.

Anyway. There will be good quality content here soon, I promise.

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