Just. So. Tired.

More real life stuff; so at the moment, I’m just kind of in a giant bind.

Yeah, I’m done with my teaching for the semester, but I still have to calculate final grades.

Yeah, I had an amazing experience this weekend but also another that made me want to claw out my eyes and internal organs.

Yeah, I have time, but I also have way too much to do and I am choosing to ignore a lot of it because I just can’t handle it right now.

And I am Just. So. Tired.

Not of things, but just…in general. I need sleep. Maybe later this week I’ll upload some fun content because I have some fun stuff to share, in general.


5 thoughts on “Just. So. Tired.

  1. Are you a teacher, too? I am, and I completely understand. It is the most draining job in the world … yet somehow so rewarding.

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