10 Places I’d Rather Be On Christmas Eve

And on Christmas Eve, That’s So Jacob rested.

Finally, my semester is done. I know that I probably did not do as well as I did in previous semesters, but I worked my behind off, so I give myself a huge thumbs up. All that’s left is about 16 students to grade, but I enjoy grading – it’s actually very zen – so that will probably be done tonight.

As most people know, Christmas kind of sucks for Jewish people. There’s really not that much to do from about midday on Christmas Eve to the morning after Christmas Day. I hadn’t made a fun list post in a while, so here are 10 places I’d rather be on Christmas Eve.

10. My parents’ house. Seriously. Even though I try to limit how much I go home, and for how long, because after awhile I get stir-crazy, at least I would not be alone. On a side note, on Sunday I’m flying home for (some of) my winter break, exactly 2 weeks and 5 days, during which time my dad actually wants to take a driving trip somewhere, so maybe it will be a little more palatable).

9. New York City. I think I’ve done it before (or at least Thanksgiving) and New York City is just a fun place to spend a holiday, period. There are plenty of places that don’t close, and always stuff to do. Although I will pass on ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. I wish it was different, but the fact is, I just can’t ice skate. Maybe roller skates, but if offered the chance, I’ll usually pass.

8. A Christmas market. Those things can be fun, or so I’ve heard. I’ve been to a lot of craft fairs, and one that’s full of Christmas crap would probably be fun, especially in a place like Norway or Germany where they go HAM.

7. A cruise. I guess that if one is on a cruise ship, there is plenty to do on Christmas, because when you’re on the open seas, the crew can’t exactly quit work to spend time with their families, so there would be good food and entertainment. I’ve only been on one cruise in my life, and I’m not sure I would go on one again because of all of the bad rep cruises have gotten lately, but depending on the circumstances, I probably would.

6. Ballroom dancing somewhere. Self-explanatory.

5. The Caribbean. Also pretty self-explanatory, but warm weather would be just a huge bonus. Also, the more isolated the location, the better chance of actually having a Silent Night.

4. Australia. Because, why the hell not? Plus, I heard that people go to the beach sometimes on Christmas, and that people wear Santa-themed swimsuits and surf. Speaking of which…

3. Any beach, anywhere. The ocean never shuts off for Christmas, and most beaches, I would imagine, don’t close either. Either way, if you’re near a beach, there’s always another nearby.

2. IsraelChristmas in Israel is business as usual, which is ironic, considering that it’s the place it all started. I heard that in Bethlehem and the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem things can get pretty wild, but on the whole, it’s just another sunny, gorgeous Wednesday. Or whatever day it is. I didn’t even realize it was Christmas season at all when I lived there until I went over to Cyprus in mid-December, where they do have Christmas.

1. A spa. Mostly because I want a hot bath and a relaxing massage right now, but still, wouldn’t it be nice to have a spa day on Christmas? I wouldn’t even mind a gingerbread lotion rundown or Christmas music playing in the background, if it meant I could just zen out for a while.

9 thoughts on “10 Places I’d Rather Be On Christmas Eve

  1. Christmas Greetings
    from my website to yours,
    May the Season be bright
    and the year that’s ahead
    turn out to be just right.
    With warmest wishes for
    Good Health and Happiness.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I’m not Jewish and I’d rather be anywhere but the USA during this holiday season each year. It’s horrific, from my point of view. Some friends do emphasize the religious aspect of the holiday, but otherwise it’s buy, buy, buy, eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink. That new “Elf on the Shelf” thing this year was particularly creepy. I spend Christmas reading a good book, listening to classical (not Christmas) music, and talking with friends on the phone or via Skype.

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