Random Thought of the Day: Breakfast Menus

Complaining less is something that I wanted to do this year. While so far, I’ve done some complaining (two days in, really? Yes, really) but here’s just a random thought to round out to the day. It’s a complaint masked as a thought, but let’s just go with it.

My dad and I just came back from getting a late night snack/dinner at a small restaurant nearby. They have a huge menu, of which breakfast items take up half. I had never been there before, so it took me awhile to read the menu from start to finish, which was only up on the wall behind the cashier. I finally decided on an egg-and-cheese sandwich from the breakfast menu, only to be told “I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t serve breakfast after 1 PM.” While I settled for an egg salad sandwich, I read over the menu again, and I pointed out to the woman behind the counter that nowhere up there does it say anything about breakfast NOT being served after a certain time. The woman looked at me as if she had never even heard of the concept of eating breakfast food for a meal other than breakfast.

Simple solution: just put the breakfast hours somewhere on the menu, instead of staring at me like I’m crazy. So many restaurants these days do serve breakfast at non-breakfast times, and if they don’t, they have hours listed.

But seriously…is getting an egg-and-cheese sandwich at 10 PM strange? Anyone?

25 thoughts on “Random Thought of the Day: Breakfast Menus

  1. NO, Not strange. If it’s breakfast for lunch, it’s usually called “brunch,” and if it’s breakfast for dinner, it’s usually called “brinner!” 😉 ha! … Personally, I love a scrambled egg sandwich (with cheese) at anytime of the day!!

  2. I’m totally with you here! That was one of the things I really liked when we were in Corfu this year, in a couple of restaurants I asked if it was ok to order certain things from the menu when it wasn’t the traditional time, like wanting to order a lunch item at 10.30am, or like you say breakfast in the evening, and they looked at me like it was ridiculous that I should even have to ask, it was like “Of course! You can have whatever you want when you want!”. But yes, to not even mention hours on the menu is really annoying, particularly if you’ve spent ages deciding (which I always do).

    • Even funnier, the lady behind the counter said “the people who come in in the afternoons don’t know how to make the breakfast items.” ::blank stare, slow blink:: and furthermore “our menu’s been the same since last summer” (again, meaningless to someone who’s never been here before and isn’t a local anymore). I really don’t like to stereotype people who work in the food service industry but I think she had a huge gap in something more than her teeth, akin to the time a woman in a Pizza Hut mistakenly ran my driver’s license through the credit card machine, didn’t notice, and kept on trying…

      • That is particularly annoying when staff in food places assume everyone knows how things work there, and then look at you like you’re an idiot of you don’t. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Nando’s chicken restaurant? They’re everywhere in England, but I think you only have a few over there. Anyway, they seat you and give you a menu like a regular restaurant, but then you go up to the counter to order and you pay then when you order, and then you have to collect your own knives and forks and sauces from a table, and then the server brings your meal. But there’s nothing on the menu or walls to tell you this, so if it’s someone’s first visit they risk sitting there for ages waiting for a server to come and take their order! (Or if it does say it on the menu or a sign somewhere then it’s not obvious because I’ve never seen it). Sometimes when they seat you they’ll ask if you’ve been there before, or if you know how it works, but often not.

        Well I can’t really judge that Pizza Hut woman trying to run your driver’s license through the credit card machine because that’s totally the type of thing I would do – I once tried to shove my credit card into the DVD slot on my laptop to pay for an online purchase!

      • I’ve never been to London (except to change planes at Heathrow, the one time I flew British Airways), and I heard about Nando’s for the first time ever from a roommate at a hostel in Canada in August, and about twenty times since then, as being “THE British fast food go to,” so now I’m curious.

      • Nando’s isn’t actually British, it started in South Africa, and is worldwide, but we do have more branches than any other country now, so we clearly like it over here! I hadn’t really thought of it as a fast food place though, more of a casual restaurant – I can’t think of somewhere as being a fast food place when you get your food brought to your table on proper plates! After all the build up you’ll probably be disappointed now if you do ever try it!

      • Really? That’s interesting. I’ll have to ask my friend Nandi when I see her next week (she is from Pretoria and teaches Zulu at my university, we met during an orientation seminar and have been friends ever since). I tend to think more of fast food as food quality/speed. For example, Burger King is most definitely fast food around the world. Here in America you get your food at the counter in thirty seconds or less, but in Israel, even though you order at the counter, they bring the food to you. It usually takes 5-10 minutes because they actually do some food prep rather than have all the meals ready to go. It’s still not great quality food, though.

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  3. No, NO. It’s not strange. I’m getting furious right now, L! Haha, why don’t they put the hours of serving those breakfast foods. AHHHH, and egg-and-cheese sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches! Hahaha

    • I know, right? Egg and cheese sandwiches are so underrated; I had my first egg and cheese biscuit a few weeks ago in Kennesaw, Georgia, and my life has never been the same.

  4. It not strange at all. My favorite diner-type restaurant offers breakfast 24/7 along with a variety of lunch and dinner items. It’s not uncommon for my daughter and me to go there for dinner, and while I order a chicken dinner, she orders pancakes and sausage. A restaurant that doesn’t want to serve certain items at certain times of the day should specify that on the menu.

  5. We have a hamburger mom & pop here that will not make substitutions, only takes cash, etc. They act as if they neither want nor need business. Everybody talks about what a pain they are but we all return because the burgers are good. It’s actually fun in a weird way to go there!
    Our version of the soup Nazi.

  6. Having an egg and cheese sandwich at 10pm is definitely not strange. Personally I’d have one anytime. We have places here in Melbourne where they serve breakfast all day. And if they don’t they should write it on the board!

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