Good Grief Is Very Good Indeed

So, I actually finished a book on the plane coming back to Madison, Good Grief, by Lolly Winston. It was a recommendation from Rebekah Koontz AKA Bekah’s Book Club, and…it didn’t disappoint. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, despite it being a chick-lit book, a genre that’s hit-or-miss for me but usually miss. The title of this blog comes from the back of the book, as reviewed by People magazine. Verbatim.

So here’s my review.

Good Grief centers on Sophie Stanton, a young widow who moves from California to Ashland, Oregon, to start over. In her quest to find herself, she takes on a new career, deals with old demons, and befriends some local oddballs. Without spoiling too much, I have to say that though there were some predictable moments, on the whole, the protagonist seemed to have a grasp on reality, gradually lost a lot of her self-pity, and grew as a person. I really enjoyed it.

Dry martinis, fringed lamps, grand piano, constant fun. I wanted to climb inside the play and live there. Wake up every morning in a drawing room comedy, with the jolly br-r-r-ing of the doorbell and telephone – visitors always stopping by, laughter always bellowing through the house. The audience howls around me. I’m no longer at the theater alone; we all seem to have one set of laughing lungs and clapping hands, one joyous pulse.

  • Lolly Winston, Good Grief, p.183

This review is brought to you by the NFL delaying SNL.

And hooray for my second six continent day of the year, with hellos to North America (USA and Mexico), South America (Venezuela), Europe (UK, Germany Portugal, Sweden, and Netherlands), Asia (India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Oman), Africa (Zambia), and Oceania (Australia).


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