Reflections On the First Week of Classes for 2016

It’s Thursday night, which officially concludes my first academic week of the semester. For the first time in history, I’m spending more time teaching class than taking class. I’m only taking Hebrew and International Theatre for Young Audiences.

As far as teaching, I have around 75 students, up from 60 last semester, and almost forgot my “first day” song-and-dance. For the first class, I did a pretty respectable job, I thought, but for the second class, I either ran out of steam or time, because we didn’t get to the introduction to playwriting activity. I live to make an ass of myself in front of students (in a good way) and so far, so good.

A few highlights:

  • First awkward greeting to an inanimate object of the semester: in my first class, just as I was finishing up a fantastic speech, a drop of water fell from the ceiling. My response: “Uh…hi.”
  • Warming up to the sounds of Izhar Cohen and the Alpha-Beta and Ricki Lee.
  • Learning students’ names by milking cows, picking apples, doing arabesques, and…cats.
  • Things I found myself doing: pretending to serve champagne, getting married, and doing the whip/nae nae.

Welcome to my class. It’s “fun.”

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