Emily Pudding

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Episode 6: Emily Pudding

You’re probably saying to yourself, “well that’s an unusual title for a post.” And I am here to say…that yes, it is. Lost night, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a meme game describing your burlesque name: the name of your first pet + the last thing you ate. I have never had any pets, other than a few fish whose names I’ve forgotten (I think at one point I had a Lars, an Abigail, and a Goldie, or something like that) but in seventh grade, I had a plant who I called Emily. I also had two cacti around the same time, called Lenny and Squiggy due to their resemblances to David Lander (Lenny was tall, spiky and skinny) and Michael McKean (Squiggy was a short, fuzzy, round one). I can’t remember what type of plant Emily was – she might have been a flower, or some ivy – but maybe this is a sign that I should go and buy another plant and name her Emily. And the pudding refers to an unusual pudding dessert/treat/thing I got from one of my favorite recipe sites, The Picky Eater Blog, run by Anjali.

The recipe is for Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries, but I couldn’t find any raspberries (not the season) and it ended up more like a pudding, so it shall hereby be known as Emily Pudding. Here’s how to make it.

  1. Toss a half cup of chia seeds, 1/4 cup of chocolate PROTEIN powder (fitness for the win), 1 cup of milk, and 1 squeeze of honey into your grandmother’s ancient blender.
  2. Blend a little, and when the machine starts to rattle because it forgot how to blender, turn it off, give it a stir, scrape the excess chia off the sides, and blend again.
  3. Chill for 15 minutes. In the fridge. The gloppy mixture, not you.
  4. Scrape it into a bowl, add in 1 cup of fat-free Greek yogurt, and mix it with a mixer.
  5. Notice that it’s a little more chewy than creamy, and tastes a bit off, so add some sprinkles of Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder.
  6. Finish most of it yourself while watching TV.

Serves 1 hungry Ph.D. and 2 girls across the hall who enjoy pudding.

This is Emily Blunt eating pudding.


18 thoughts on “Emily Pudding

    • I’ve left a trail of them in dumps across America, actually. Her coffee maker stopped working in Houston right after I moved there, and right when I came to Madison, her mix master started emitting steam whenever I used it (!!). I’m down to her blender, which is pretty reliable but the blades are probably wearing from age and use, and her toaster oven, which I rarely use since I have a real oven.

  1. You’re not really selling this recipe to me, using words like gloppy and chewy and ‘tastes a bit off’!

    A friend of mine on Facebook also posted that burlesque name meme thing, mine was Fina Fritters! That’s a pretty good burlesque name don’t you think?

    • Heh, Fina Fritters! Also sounds like a recipe…my neighbors seemed to like it more than I did (either that or they were being nice!) It wasn’t chewy a la gummy bears, it was like a cross between pudding/mousse/treacle (or theriaca, as British say, I believe?) but you could tell that there were chia seeds in it. Also a more powerful blender may make a difference.

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