On Packing it In

Me, this morning:

Man, I’m going to get so much done today.

Me, this afternoon:

Okay, so I did laundry and ate gross plain yogurt, it’s a good day. Oh wait, I had a lunch thing. Oh good, I’m only a few minutes late. ::goes to lunch, has a great time::

Me, slightly later:

Shoot, production meeting. Cool, I’m like totally just about on time. ::goes to production meeting, it goes fine::

Me, slightly later:

I should eat something. ::eats sushi and half a challah::

Me, slightly later:

I should get dressed for services. ::gets dressed, goes to services, woefully late, yawns the whole time, pretends to be exhausted but plans to go back home and go to the gym::

Me, slightly later:

I should get ready for the gym, but first, watch some funny TV to pump myself up. ::takes off clothes::

Oh, hey bed, let’s catch up.

Me, slightly later:

::opens eyes:: Wait, was I sleeping? For how long? It’s 9 PM and the gym closes at 10. Fuck. At least I still have some of that challah left, and my pajamas are right here. ::eats food, puts on pajamas, forgets about going to the gym, watches YouTube for like two hours::

Me, now:

I should have done something productive today, like read from my pile of books or vacuum or cook or clean out the fridge. Welp, at least I’m in bed with my laptop on my chest at a decent hour.

Me, a few hours in the future:

I’m still awake and I regret everything. Another wasted Friday. Fuck.

12 thoughts on “On Packing it In

  1. Procrastination at it’s finest! I agree with lorigreer though, we ALL have those days! I’ve been stuck in bed for most of the week with a serious case of the flu but it’s still been *quite* productive. 🙂

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