Awkward Things That Happened to Me This Weekend

I haven’t had a good life-related list post for awhile, so here it goes:

1. When someone asks you for “an idea” for a play and you can’t tell whether they’re trying to get you to do the work for them or not.

2. When a bottle of aspirin opens at the bottom of your backpack and when you dump the bag, a giant pile of pills falls out.

3. When there’s so much stuff on your floor you have to play leapfrog just to get to the door.

4. When you get cinnamon raisin bagel chips that look great, taste horrible, but you can’t stop eating them anyway.

5. When you realize that you’re worried/upset/preoccupied about something that has no chance of changing, and that it’s just a giant waste of time.

6. When your dance instructor texts you during a dance class. At least now I know that my voltas are better and I need to straighten my leg more on the third forward step of my lock step.

7. When you legit run out of tissues. Actual terrifying moment.

8. When you realize that you haven’t been to the gym since Sunday, but you’ve danced for at least an hour for 5 days in a row.

9. When you do laundry, and realize that you still have piles of folded laundry to be put away from the last time you did laundry.

10. When you realize that you probably need to get your students’ papers back to them next week at the latest. Fluck.


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